Now showing…

“Alt” . . . . at Butterfly Fine Art, Manchester until Saturday. 

Work underway 

I’ve been in the studio sporadically for the past few weeks.  Had some exhibitions to sort out (see previous posts) and a new drawing session I’m running. Here are the progress photos of my latest painting…

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The Man/Woman Exhibition opened yesterday at Butterfly Fine Art in Manchester. Here’s fellow artist Francis Charlton and myself at the preview. Full exhibition details on the website 

Next show

Very pleased to announce that I’ll be showing at Exhibit Here again this month: 19 – 23 July, Menier Gallery Southwark. Full details on the website.  


Completed the painting, now entitled ‘Haze’ a few days ago. Since then I’ve been taking the final tuition session before summer, finalising a project I’ll be revealing soon, and starting a new painting.

Haze 08Jul16

This is the underpainting: prussian blue, burnt sienna and burnt umber oils on white primed canvas.


Exhibition news:

I’ll have an announcement for you very soon- an exhibition later in the month

“On Track” continues until 15 July at  Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield (next to the cathedral)


Some progress on the latest painting… There should be more today.

Exhibition news:

I’ll have an announcement for you soon.

“On Track” continues at Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield (next to the cathedral)  until 15 July


Completed one of the paintings today, titled ‘Stop’. More work on the other soon- as usually happens I get more engrossed in one than the other.



‘On Track’ continues in Sheffield for this month.

My statement about ‘Track’, a sequence of nine paintings that makes up the main part of the exhibition:

Track is a set of colourful paintings that deal with the darkest experiences of our lives. Inspired by mass media imagery and its ability to engage our emotions in a safe, socially acceptable way, they can still move us. Perhaps even haunt us…

All my work is done ‘by hand’. I rely on the process of seeing then drawing or painting: no tracing. I work from edited computer-prints snatched by my camera from a flickering television screen, but the transfer from digital to paint is by observation only.

I use selections and distortions, vibrant colour combinations, and multi-layered textural surfaces to convey the twitching dazzle of the arrested TV picture. I experiment with my works, by exhibiting them in different combinations: reminiscent of a film sequence, or a video wall. I create interactions between the paintings, suggesting the narrative sequence or different viewpoints of the same moment.

‘Track 3’ returned to it’s television origins: it was exhibited on the big screens for ‘Art Takes Times Square’ in New York

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