I had an interesting discussion with a fellow artist about the relationship we experience with a piece of work as we go through the creation. I find that there’s four distinct phases: the apprehension of starting a new work, the excitement of developing it, the despair as it starts to fail, and the relief of rescuing it and completion (Or very rarely to abandon it as a hopeless case). These stages always follow this order, but last for different lengths of time- some works are just more of a struggle than others, and there’s no way to know beforehand how long each will last. I’d be interested to know if other artists have this experience, and particularly how they deal with the agonising phase!

I’m still feeling happy with this one so far- the disappointment stage is yet to come!

I’ll be here working during Westgate Studios on Sunday 21 October 11-4pm. Come and see how things are progressing, and see work and chat to the other artists.

42 Sketchbooks exhibition continues until 26 October in Scarborough. You can order a prints of your favourite drawing. Browse on Flickr then order via direct message (payments via PayPal, postage charged at cost)


New start

Very grateful and excited to be able to get back to the studio after all the upheaval of this year. Especially enjoying some fresh clarity with my new varifocal glasses! I decided to work from a familiar subject:

Second layer – I added Titanium White and Zinc White to create opaque highlight areas, and Burnt Umber to give density and warmth to some of the shadow areas. The initial colours were Alizarin Crimson, Brilliant Red, Prussian Blue, Chrome Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue and Lemon Yellow Hue.

I’m hoping to keep the energy up on this piece and complete it soon.

Exhibition news: 42 Sketchbooks at Electric Angel gallery in Scarborough continues until 26 October. You can flick through all the Daily Drawings and get bespoke prints. (Also available online at Daily Drawings on Flickr)

Artwalk Wakefield

I’m in two places at once for Artwalk Wakefield! Or at least my work is. Catch my short film LOOP as part of the mini indie film fest at “Now Serving” and drop in and see the paintings at Westgate Studios from 5-9pm.

Walls have eyes…

and currently in various media at various locations. Very happy to announce photo tiles are now available to order- a few samples shown below. Browse and order via message. Payment via PayPal. £20 including p&p (UK) (overseas postage charged at cost) Image size 20 x 20cm.

Latest painting progess shown below. See for yourself at Artwalk Wakefield later this month.

LOOP, my short film will also be screened as part of ‘Now Serving’ during Artwalk Wakefield. More details soon.

42 Sketchbooks exhibition continues through September and October at the lovely Electric Angel Gallery in Scarborough. Pop in if you get the chance.

Painting progress

Some progress on the latest painting. The story so far…

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Current exhibition: 42 Sketchbooks at Electric Angel gallery in Scarborough

42 Sketchbooks in Scarborough

By the seaside is definitely the place to be! Daily Drawings displayed to their best advantage in this great little gallery space in various hangings. It was a pleasure to see visitors enjoy handling and looking through the books, and to chat to people and hear their insights and thoughts. I got to share some tips and anecdotes about the drawing process through the years.

I took these installation photos:

And these preview event photos are by Kate Owen:

The exhibition is open office hours and by appointment into September.

You can browse online via Flickr- including the most recent Daily Drawings (I’m continuing the project and updating every day). Prints are available: order via direct message (details above, pay by PayPal, postage charged at cost).

Huge thanks again to all the visitors and Electric Angel Gallery.

42 Sketchbooks

Or Daily Drawings – the story so far! Delighted to announce this exclusive show at Electric Angel gallery in Scarborough, open evening 5-8 pm 10 August.

Hope to see you there.