Into Winter

Latest painting is progressing. Adding Titanium White and Alizarin Christmas into the palette.

Joined in with the Sky Portrait Artist of the Week, drawing along with the live stream. This time it was journalist John Snow.

Exhibition news to share soon. In the meantime,  you can browse on Artfinder.

November Colours

Further painting progress to show you, and pencil drawings from Sky Portrait Artist of the Week of sitter Russell Tovey.
Additional colours added to the painting: Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Naples Yellow and Naples Yellow Light. Quite pleased with the modelling so far, the paint needs to be much more intense though.

Drew along with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week again, this week the sitter was Russell Tovey. The first drawing was made from the livestream: using Repaper, A5 size, 2B pencil (for those that like the technical details)

The second drawing I did from a screengrab. I intended to put in some colour (similar to my drawing of Annie Mac from a few weeks ago, see it in previous post) but I liked the graphite drawing so it’s presented as is:

Artwalk Wakefield is online on Wednesday this week. Have a look out for updates between 5 and 9pm. Keep safe and thanks for visiting.

Autumn progress

Very glad I could get to the studio this week: picking and choosing some paintings for a sale in the new year, and starting a new painting. Also very much enjoying the changing Autumn light – and weather from fog to sunshine followed by stormy skies in rapid succession!

This is the underpainting; in Burnt Umber, Prussian Blue and Purple Lake. It will be part of the new series with the painting I completed last week; I’ve had an idea that they should be part of a triptych.

Had another go at Sky Portrait Artist of the Week. This week the sitter was Floella Benjamin. I did a quick drawing from the livestream using the Repaper tablet. You can see the video on Flickr

Due to lockdown, Artwalk Wakefield will be online again Wednesday 25 November between 5 and 9pm. More details of other exhibitions soon; in the meantime I am accepting orders via Artfinder

Painting complete, drawing ongoing…

Managed to get to the studio for the first time in over a month. Very happy I got to complete the latest painting (other than a title of course!) the colour reproduction is a bit strange in the photo; in the actual painting I’m happy with the solarised lighting effects and the unusual colours. I’ll take a more representative picture when there is more daylight!

Continuing with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week. This week was Samira Ahmed, painted by Geoff Harrison. I drew with Repaper tablet whilst watching live, then a Daily Drawing. Still not quite there with the likeness- as soon as I’d finished I realised the eye position was wrong in the pen drawing, and the hair is too flat in the pencil drawing. Practice practice practice!

I am trying to avoid travelling to the studio during lockdown, except to fulfil orders. If you are ordering for Christmas (yes it is that time already!), please do so as soon as possible to allow extra delivery time; with the restrictions there are bound to be delays. Order through Artfinder

Sky Portrait Artist of the Week – Melanie Blatt

Another week away from the studio. Joined in with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week again. Drew with Repaper tablet whilst watching live. I made two attempts. The first I like the drawing, but didn’t get a likeness. The second I overworked trying to get the likeness. Still enjoyed the process. You can see the time lapse clips on Flickr (link below)

Due to the new lockdown starting next week, it may be a while before I have anything new to show you- except Daily Drawings, which continue. You can see them all, since January 2012, on Flickr

Keep safe, and thanks for visiting.

Sky Portrait Artist of the Week – Nihal Arthanayake

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I haven’t been to the studio this week. So very glad to join in with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week again. Drew with Repaper tablet whilst watching live, and then drew Daily Drawing from a screen shot. I thought I’d try a less serious reference for a colour piece- I need to finish it, so it’s not shown.

In exhibition news, unfortunately Prosaic: Generous is has closed early due to a positive Covid19 case. On a happier note, I am able to fulfill orders through Artfinder, and this print is off to a new home in the USA.

Keep safe, and thanks for visiting.

Sky Portrait Artist of the Week – Annie Mac

Very happy to have this programme back to draw from, particularly as I can’t go to the studio at the moment.

Firstly I drew in pencil using Repaper tablet, so I can replay the process. I’m finding this very useful, especially for delivering the Introduction to Pencil Drawing class.

I then drew a Daily Drawing from a screen shot. I found it helpful for getting the proportions.

Lastly I drew using oil pastel and pencil. I spent much more time on this than I’d planned, because I kept tweaking it. I’ll be joining in again next week.

Exhibition news: the exhibition has finished, but there are still postcards available for the fundraiser ‘Secret Postcard Show’ at Cupola Gallery via their website

Prosaic: Generous exhibition continues at Globe Arts Slaithwaite. Full details on Art Rabbit

Autumn Colours

Glad to get back to the studio today, progressing slowly. Find I’m getting some peculiar hues in this process: but they are accurate to the source image. It’s difficult to reproduce; I’ve tried to get the best representation in the edit of the close up.


“Prosaic: Generous” continues at Globe Arts, Slaithwaite. There’s a good write up and full details here at Art Rabbit

The Secret Postcard Show at Cupola Gallery is now over, but some of the cards are still available online

I was due to have a solo exhibition during Artwalk Wakefield in November, so I will be taking part in the online replacement. More details nearer the time.

Stay safe and thanks for looking.

Prosaic: Generous

Delighted to be a part of this exhibition. Full details on Art Rabbit.

Up to date

A few things to talk about this week. Painting progress in the studio. I took part in the “Draw Someone” Hospital Rooms Digital Art School with Dryden Goodwin. Brilliant to be able to watch him create a portrait and hear his insights and experiences

Latest  group exhibitions: Secret Postcard Show at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield which I was lucky enough to be able to see last weekend, and Prosaic: GenerousProsaic: Generous at Globe Arts, Slaithwaite, which I will visit this week.
(Please check opening before travelling due to Covid19 ).