Currently celebrating ten years of having my studio space at Westgate Studios in Wakefield. I will be very happy to be able to book studio visits and tuition sessions, starting from 17 May. More details soon.

I’ve taken advantage of the sun and taken some higher resolution photos of my work. Here are a few. There are more to see with paintings for sale on my Ko-fi

For those who are keen to get back into galleries, please go to Cupola Gallery and support their Under the Bed Sale. You can find a few of my paintings amongst the huge selection of work from artists of all disciplines.

I hope to have some new paintings underway soon. Stay safe and thanks for looking.

Artwalk Wakefield online

Tonight’s #artwalkwakefield is online now! Looking forward to being able to open studios again soon, in the meantime, have a browse:

Follow @artwalkwakefield for all the sights. #artwalk

TRACE – 2018

I’m very happy to be able to offer the 2018 series of oil paintings entitled ‘Trace’ for sale through my Ko-fi shop. Ko-fi is an artist-led site, so these paintings are available to you at £250 each.

About the ‘Trace’ series of paintings:

Trace is a set of six colourful paintings that deal with the light and dark experiences of our lives: that is, love and grief. Inspired by mass media imagery and its ability to engage our emotions in a safe, socially acceptable way, they can move us and enthrall us. The paintings are titled:

From a visual viewpoint, the ‘Test’ series has soft pastel blues and pale pinks, interspersed with citrus and golden yellows, as well as deep blue and warm umber hues which create a feeling of warmth and a light atmosphere.

I will be adding more paintings to my Ko-fi shop soon. Let me know what you think by dropping me a comment or a like. Stay safe and keep looking!

Ko-fi Shop now open

Very pleased to let you know my Ko-fi shop is now up and running. If you’ve not tried Ko-fi, it is a much more artist-led site, so as well as adding many more image galleries to view, I will be able to offer lower prices and shipping costs.
To start the shop going, I’ve made these limited edition screen prints  available: Ko-fi shop . They are based on Daily Drawings, hand pulled screenprints limited to ten per print You can buy them individually or as a set.

I will be adding paintings and drawings soon. Commissions are available, and you can message me about other items, with questions or your comments.  Come over and have a browse!

Come for Ko-fi!

Have a look around my new Ko-fi, and pick up a 25% discount for my Artfinder shop whilst you’re there : )

Ten years

I’m rapidly approaching ten years in my studio space, and ten years of this blog. I’ll let you know about my plans for it soon.

I’m champing at the bit to get back into the studio… not long to wait now. In the meantime, I’m still practicing drawing from life with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week. Here is my drawing of Jill Nalder:

You can watch the drawing appear line by line on my Youtube channel

Stay safe and I’ll update again soon.

Repaper Drawing

 If you enjoy the process of drawing, or like watching drawings as they happen, you can see more line by line on my YouTube channel. The video is made using Repaper tablet – Repaper tracks your pencil (or eraser) as you draw and plays back each stroke.  You can see the finished drawings on my Ko-fi gallery.

As lockdown continues in England, I’m not able to access my studio as usual. Daily Drawings continue, and I’m producing more drawings. Stay safe and keep in touch!

Artwalk Wakefield Film Night

 Artwalk Wakefield are having a Film Night tonight for Artwalk at home.

This is my prototype for a film, produced a few years ago: 

Loop – a film created from paintings created from computer prints created from photos created from film…

“Some of the people … are fictional, while others hover between the fictional and the real… What we are actually seeing is a myriad of pixels… dynamically shifting patterns of colour splotches that once were scattered off some animate objects… We are watching a million or so dots that ‘code’ for these peoples emotions” #artwalkwakefield

National Lockdown, Art continues online

National Lockdown (England). As part of the government restrictions I will be minimising travel to and from my studio, and hence may be unable to fulfill orders for posting paintings.

A limited number of screenprints are available via Artfinder. Please allow extra time for delivery.

Orders for online drawings are unaffected (i.e. created for customer download). I will be setting up a page on my Ko-fi account to make the process more straightforward.

Thank you for reading, and stay safe.


Finished the latest painting. I’m very happy with it- not sure if that’s down to having a bigger contrast in the palette than some of my recent series, or if it was just less of a struggle to get where I wanted. No title as yet:

Christmas deadline is fast approaching for orders: have a look at Artfinder, Saatchi Online and via Axisweb.

You can also buy from the great gallery show at Cupola Contemporary Art in Sheffield. More details at Cupola.

I’ve illustrated a Christmas card for an organisation. I’ll share that soon.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.