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‘Mini Masterpieces’ and new work

The two small paintings are now complete, I’m delighted that they will be included in FLUX exhibition at Chelsea College of Art in London in July. Full details to follow soon. Started a new painting at the usual size. Photos below.


Reflect – 6″ square


Shine – 6″ square


Underpainting – 40 x 40cm

Small world

Completed the six inch square painting yesterday. Better photo to follow -forgot to recharge my camera, so this is a snap from my phone.  News of the exhibition she’ll be in soon…

Slow going 

You might expect work to progress more quickly on a smaller painting (15 x15cm), but I find just the opposite. As I work by blending layers, I find I’m waiting for areas to dry before I can continue…it probably just feels slower as I’m hanging around! Here is the latest progress:

Exciting exhibition news to follow soon. In the meantime, it’s Artwalk month, so the studios will be open 31 May.

A small update

Completed one small painting this week (15 x15cm), and started another. Possibly they might make a pair: will have to wait and see how it turns out.

I’ve a couple of announcements to make soon, in the meantime I can confirm there will be open studios for Artwalk Wakefield – including the reopening of the Prince Albert.

Watch “Timeline exhibition” on YouTube The exhibition closes this week. Message to arrange viewing.

Free shipping at Artfinder

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