42 Sketchbooks

Or Daily Drawings – the story so far! Delighted to announce this exclusive show at Electric Angel gallery in Scarborough, open evening 5-8 pm 10 August.

Hope to see you there.


Now and Next

I’m now onto the next painting of this series, so this post is mostly photos! More news about “42 Sketchbooks”, my exhibition of Daily Drawings, very soon.

Only forward

With a clearer head and tidied workspace, I started a fresh painting yesterday. Very happy with it so far- onward.

Need to replenish stock on a few colours…

I’ve also overhauled the online store at Artfinder. There are paintings that haven’t been offered previously, and some new drawings, including colour:

“View” oil on canvas, 40 x40 x3 cm

Have a browse on Artfinder

Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Liverpool

Very lucky to get the chance to see some iconic work by one of my favourite painters yesterday.

Unlike Warhol, who used commercial print techniques to replace his paints, Lichtenstein takes the subject matter and dot patterns of comics and paints them precisely by observation: making the mass produced intensely personal…Exactly what I’m aiming for in my work!


Daily Drawings after “In the Car” (see below). I drew the outline of the broad brushstrokes.

“In the Car” I love the freeze frame feeling of this painting, depicting a moment of emotional tension (also what I aim for). The meticulous attention to detail is shown in the next photo: a blemish in the printing process- except of course there is no printing process, it’s all hand painted.

It was a beautiful sunny day too- great light for a few outdoor shots.

Last look at The Tate for now… I hope you enjoyed these photos. If you get chance to see the paintings for real at Tate Liverpool, the exhibition continues until 17 June.

Artwalk Wakefield May 2018

Thanks to all the visitors, well wishers and customers yesterday evening. Here’s some photos of the freshly reorganised space, and some of the new drawings available via Artfinder

Another layer

Family business keeping me away from the studio a lot at the moment. Looking at this painting with fresh eyes after an enforced break did help me to make some decisions about the texture. Here’s the latest in progress:

In other news, FLUX at Chelsea College of Art was my 130th exhibition! News of the next as soon as I have full details.

Special offer for blog readers: the Artfinder sale has now ended, but you can use the Make Me An Offer option and I will honour the sale price until the end of May 2018. Quote “VOwenWordpress” in the message box at Artfinder

75% off via Artfinder

A short sale- with a huge 75% off! Viv Owen on ArtfinderGilt