Holiday photo

It is a Bank Holiday weekend, so I’ve been working today. Feel like it’s coming on:

Exhibition news coming soon. In the meantime, there’s a sale on via Artfinder – use the code GO-BIG for 15% off.  


Go Big at Artfinder

There’s a special Bank Holiday offer on my paintings via   Artfinder – 15% off and interest free monthly installments (paintings over £500, available to customers in the UK and USA). Make sure you use the code GO-BIG



A few developments on the latest painting. I need to remember, if it needs changing, change it: rather than try to keep the areas that I like. Need to allow drying time now, hope to be back soon.

A small gap between exhibitions at the moment! More details soon. I’m also making more pieces available via Artfinder as they become dry enough to package.

Artfinder Art of the Day

Exciting to be Art of the Day on Artfinder! 

Reveal is the painting they have chosen to feature. I’ll be adding more paintings to the site soon, you can always send me an email if you are interested in a painting that is not yet added.

Contours 12

Now on the way to America. Thanks Artfinder. More to see on Artfinder

We want more pixels- but we want them now!

One of the problems with updating you from the studio is that when I come to see the photos later on my PC, they don’t look very good quality: the colours are muddier and the focus isn’t great. Here are some higher resolution photos of my latest painting (still no title as yet!) and the stages of the painting from today taken with my proper camera. In future I think I’ll wait to use the high quality images before posting- unless you like the immediate approach. (I share photos from the studio on Instagram so you can always see them at vividlyvivowen ) Let me know what you think!

Completed painting: oil on canvas 40 x 40 x 3cm


Underpainting: burnt umber, prussian blue, chrome yellow, alizarin crimson, titanium white13Aug17 1

Second layer: continued same day13Aug17 2






Okay ready…

Had an interesting email chat with Wonderstreet about easels, they contacted me because of my previous post (still on the easel).  You can read their article here

Happy to have a fresh start today – and my lightweight telescopic easel came in very useful as I had to move several times because of the sun!

In other news, I have some drawings in the Unit 9 group sketchbook project ‘Sketch it Out’ at South Square Gallery, Thornton on now. I don’t have installation photos yet, so here’s a drawing from my visit to The Hepworth Wakefield earlier this week :

The next exhibition to include my paintings is the Original 200 show at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield starting in September. More details on the website exhibitions page. I hope to have more to share soon.