Working title

I’ve still not named my most recent painting. At least the latest is progressing…



Mist outside and inside the studio today. Exhibition updates soon.

New start

Time to get back to the easel. Working on a new type of Windsor and Newton canvas: cotton. Enjoying the quality. Quite a productive day. Three colours used so far: burnt umber, prussian blue and purple lake.

Exhibitions: Artwalk Wakefield is on Wednesday 31 January. A big announcement about a London show soon. More items available via Artfinder

Emotive drawing

Visiting Sheffield today. First a delivery to Cupola Gallery (more exhibition details soon), then Ravilious and Co. exhibition at Millennium Galleries. Some stunning work, and sad personal histories. I attempted a Daily Drawing from a pencil study by Percy Horton. She is Lydia Smith, who was the girlfriend of his best friend, who was killed in the first world war. They later married and were together for many years. The drawing was beautiful and very intense. See it if you can.

End of 2017

Completed the painting today. Will it be the last for now? Will have to see. (No title yet, as usual).

Coming soon in 2018: a few exhibitions, one of which I’m really delighted with. More details soon.

Daily Drawings 2017 will draw to a close soon: that’ll be six full years of drawings. I’m going to find a way to display them together.

Thanks for reading and here’s to 2018.

Changing Light

Amazing sun in the studio today. Plus some more progress on the painting:

Wintry conditions

Glad that the snow has gone and to get back into the studio. Have finished lecturing commitments for this year, so hopefully I can get a few more sessions in before 2018. Re the painting, I’m happier with the modelling, once this layer is dry I’ll reestablish some of the highlights.

Work in progress

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