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Wintry conditions

Glad that the snow has gone and to get back into the studio. Have finished lecturing commitments for this year, so hopefully I can get a few more sessions in before 2018. Re the painting, I’m happier with the modelling, once this layer is dry I’ll reestablish some of the highlights.

Work in progress

Last posting for Christmas will be Tuesday. Dont forget 50% off via Artfinder with VIV-OWEN-50-53D1B4


Artfinder sale November 2017

Delighted and humbled by the response to the 75% off sale via Artfinder. All these pieces are off to new homes this week.


RevealMidnightInspireClearTrack 4ResponseThere’s one more day left!

Off again

New painting started today. Part of the same set:

Very happy with the November promotion on my Artfinder – 75% off all paintings. Have a browse.

I will be welcoming visitors for Artwalk Wakefield on Wednesday 29 November 5 -9pm. More exhibition news to follow.


Started a new painting today. For those who like the technical side, for the underpainting I used alizarin crimson, prussian blue and violet. The second layer I added burnt umber and titanium white.
Hope to have some exhibition news to announce soon. In addition to Daily Drawings, I’m drawing for Inktober. You can find them on Instagram: vividlypainting

Quick reminder 

This offer closes 31 October 


Completed work on the painting today- helped by an early start and the fantastic weather. Titled ‘Daylight’. Will need a couple of weeks to dry now.

More work available via Artfinder soon. Please note any commission orders for Christmas(!) need to be in before the end of October, to allow for drying. Drawings and existing paintings need to be ordered before the 15 November to allow plenty of time for posting.


Getting very autumnal in the studio today. There was a fantastic sunset- photo credit to my daughter! Some progress on the painting too.

Exhibition news: Original 200 continues at Cupola. Online via Artfinder.