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Only forward

With a clearer head and tidied workspace, I started a fresh painting yesterday. Very happy with it so far- onward.

Need to replenish stock on a few colours…

I’ve also overhauled the online store at Artfinder. There are paintings that haven’t been offered previously, and some new drawings, including colour:

“View” oil on canvas, 40 x40 x3 cm

Have a browse on Artfinder


Artwalk Wakefield May 2018

Thanks to all the visitors, well wishers and customers yesterday evening. Here’s some photos of the freshly reorganised space, and some of the new drawings available via Artfinder

Daily Drawings at the National Science and Media Museum

Great to be able to visit the National Science and Media Museum- it’s local to me! Enjoyed the Nudrat Afza photography exhibition “City Girls” and took the opportunity to draw for Daily Drawings. (See previous post re Pink Pig sketchbooks) #drawing

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Daily Drawings

Having a bit of a tidy up, and gave my Daily Drawings their own drawer. There are  42 sketchbooks so far!

Have a look- the whole set up to date is on Flickr, the archives are on wordpress: start at dailydrawings2012.wordpress.com and work through!

If you’re inspired to draw, follow the link to Pink Pig Sketchbooks  or check out Artfinder for individual drawings and commissions.



Mist outside and inside the studio today. Exhibition updates soon.

Emotive drawing

Visiting Sheffield today. First a delivery to Cupola Gallery (more exhibition details soon), then Ravilious and Co. exhibition at Millennium Galleries. Some stunning work, and sad personal histories. I attempted a Daily Drawing from a pencil study by Percy Horton. She is Lydia Smith, who was the girlfriend of his best friend, who was killed in the first world war. They later married and were together for many years. The drawing was beautiful and very intense. See it if you can.

End of 2017

Completed the painting today. Will it be the last for now? Will have to see. (No title yet, as usual).

Coming soon in 2018: a few exhibitions, one of which I’m really delighted with. More details soon.

Daily Drawings 2017 will draw to a close soon: that’ll be six full years of drawings. I’m going to find a way to display them together.

Thanks for reading and here’s to 2018.