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Completed work on the painting today- helped by an early start and the fantastic weather. Titled ‘Daylight’. Will need a couple of weeks to dry now.

More work available via Artfinder soon. Please note any commission orders for Christmas(!) need to be in before the end of October, to allow for drying. Drawings and existing paintings need to be ordered before the 15 November to allow plenty of time for posting.



Thinking about a nice comment I had about my work… someone thanked me for sharing the stages of the paintings, rather than just showing the ‘final’ piece. It made me think of another question that I found hard to answer: How do you know when a painting is ‘complete’? I enjoy getting feedback about the stages, but they also help with my own decision making. I think that the ‘sketches’ I make on computer are like a map: it shows me where I want to go, but the route and the destination might end up not as expected! Here’s the change from the first to the second layer:


Changing phases of my paintings are the subject of Loop, a collaboration that I hope to screen soon on a larger scale.


Exhibition news: Original 200 continues at Cupola Gallery and Artwalk Wakefield is coming up on Wednesday 27 September: 5 – 9pm as usual.

Online sales through Artfinder, or the main website vivowen.co.uk


Light and bright in the studio today, so I was able to get some decent photos of the painting ‘Day’, as promised. Started a new painting, which uses a similar palette- as usual they may or may not end up looking as if they belong together!


Exhibition news: Original 200 continues at Cupola Gallery and Artwalk Wakefield is coming up on Wednesday 27 September: 5 – 9pm as usual.

Online sales through Artfinder, and there will be a new page elsewhere soon.


Finished the journey with this painting today. Surprisingly difficult to get the colour balance correct when it’s dark outside so I have jushzed* the saturation slightly:

Hopefully it’ll give an idea of how she turned out.

Exhibition news: Original 200 continues at Cupola Gallery and Artwalk Wakefield is coming up too. There will also be more recent work added to Artfinder – not this one yet as it needs some drying time. Email me via vivowen.co.uk for reservations and commissions.

*I’m sure this spelling is wrong, but it isn’t close enough for autocorrect to suggest alternatives! Edit: zhoosh or zhuzh. You knew what I meant.

We want more pixels- but we want them now!

One of the problems with updating you from the studio is that when I come to see the photos later on my PC, they don’t look very good quality: the colours are muddier and the focus isn’t great. Here are some higher resolution photos of my latest painting (still no title as yet!) and the stages of the painting from today taken with my proper camera. In future I think I’ll wait to use the high quality images before posting- unless you like the immediate approach. (I share photos from the studio on Instagram so you can always see them at vividlyvivowen ) Let me know what you think!

Completed painting: oil on canvas 40 x 40 x 3cm


Underpainting: burnt umber, prussian blue, chrome yellow, alizarin crimson, titanium white13Aug17 1

Second layer: continued same day13Aug17 2






Okay ready…

Had an interesting email chat with Wonderstreet about easels, they contacted me because of my previous post (still on the easel).  You can read their article here

Happy to have a fresh start today – and my lightweight telescopic easel came in very useful as I had to move several times because of the sun!

In other news, I have some drawings in the Unit 9 group sketchbook project ‘Sketch it Out’ at South Square Gallery, Thornton on now. I don’t have installation photos yet, so here’s a drawing from my visit to The Hepworth Wakefield earlier this week :

The next exhibition to include my paintings is the Original 200 show at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield starting in September. More details on the website exhibitions page. I hope to have more to share soon.


Following on from the popularity of drawings at the last Artwalk Wakefield, I’ve made some drawings available via my Artfinder page:

with backing

“Ink drawings reveal a fascination with emotional states, with the help of unwitting accomplices captured from feature films and the television screen: contour lines follow the features into darker shadows.”

As with Daily Drawings, these drawings are made freehand using Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (indian ink, waterproof, maximum lightfastness) on 150gsm cartridge paper.

Daily Drawings year six continues as usual! Check Flickr for daily updates.