Completed one of the paintings today, titled ‘Stop’. More work on the other soon- as usually happens I get more engrossed in one than the other.



‘On Track’ continues in Sheffield for this month.

My statement about ‘Track’, a sequence of nine paintings that makes up the main part of the exhibition:

Track is a set of colourful paintings that deal with the darkest experiences of our lives. Inspired by mass media imagery and its ability to engage our emotions in a safe, socially acceptable way, they can still move us. Perhaps even haunt us…

All my work is done ‘by hand’. I rely on the process of seeing then drawing or painting: no tracing. I work from edited computer-prints snatched by my camera from a flickering television screen, but the transfer from digital to paint is by observation only.

I use selections and distortions, vibrant colour combinations, and multi-layered textural surfaces to convey the twitching dazzle of the arrested TV picture. I experiment with my works, by exhibiting them in different combinations: reminiscent of a film sequence, or a video wall. I create interactions between the paintings, suggesting the narrative sequence or different viewpoints of the same moment.

‘Track 3’ returned to it’s television origins: it was exhibited on the big screens for ‘Art Takes Times Square’ in New York

Photos on Flickr



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