Display – solo show at Cupola Gallery

DSCF38934 photo

‘Display’ , my solo show runs until Saturday, 28 June. Pop along to Cupola Gallery for a warm welcome (& a coffee!).

For those interested in the thought processes behind the exhibition, read on (or to get straight to the paintings follow this link)


Viv Owen

Vivid oil paintings reveal a fascination with emotional states. Investigations into elusive expressions form with the help of unwitting accomplices captured from the TV screen. Forever given pause, Viv translates them into realistic yet gestural oil paintings. Domestic in scale (though far from cosy!) they make intriguing comment on artificial emotional entanglement as a substitute – or perhaps immunisation against the fluctuating feelings of everyday life.

“I take and edit digital photographs to make compositions, then paint freehand by observation. I use selection, distortion, vibrant colours and textures to convey the twitching dazzle of the arrested TV picture. They are presented here to suggest an unfolding story, or different viewpoints of the same moment: the blurry glow of humanity”

(‘Display’ is kindly sponsored by Roadsafe Europe)



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